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Hello! This is my very own website

My name is Dougal, and I am a black and white cat who lives in the inner city in an impromptu wildlife reserve with trees and wattle-birds and silver-eye finches and stuff. Other cats and birds drop in every now and again for food, water and adventures but I'm lucky enough to live here permanently in our Forever Home.

My fellow inhabitants are Man (aka David Greagg, my wizardly amanuensis), Woman (Kerry Greenwood, famous author As Seen On TV), my little sister Shadow and Belladonna. My two volume autobiography is available from all good book shops, and also from the Clan Destine Press website [qv].

Dougal's Manifesto for a Better World

  1. I love my humans and I love my life!
  2. Cuddle your cats and feed them lots!
  3. Boy Cat Fighting is for losers. The Way Of The Warrior says that you fight when you have to. The rest of the time it's just  play. So play nicely.
  4. Leashes are for dogs. I don't think cats should be expected to put up with them.
  5. It's very kind of people to leave doormats on their front step so we can play with them, even when they don't have cats of their own. This proves that humans are mostly kind and thoughtful.
  6. Dogs should learn to speak politely. Bark bark bark BARK BARK! is not intelligible communication. It is unfocused aggression. Stop it.
  7. Trees should have branches evenly spaced so we can get down easily.
  8. There is a rational explanation for everything except reality TV and the Kardashians.
  9. Animal Planet needs more cats and fewer dogs.
  10. I really wish my sister wouldn't keep eating my food.
  11. A sprinkling of rose petals left in their water bowl is a good way of telling your cats you love them.
  12. When people behave badly it's because there isn't enough love in their lives. Try being kind to them. If that really doesn't work you can always whack them over the head later on.
  13. When your humans are clearly stressed, walk over and give them a good purring. This generally works.
  14. If greedy siblings would stop eating their brothers' food it really would make for a better world.
  15. Shadow, stop eating my dinner! Now!
  16. Oh very well then. Help yourself.

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