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Belladonna is the current avatar of the Goddess Basht, Most Serene Highness, Princess of Cats, She Who Walks In Beauty Like The Night, Destroyer of Rodents, Scourge of Nocturnal Demons and Lantern of the Western Suburbs.

She was discovered, by her attendant priestess, at a veterinary clinic in Yarraville in the impudent company of a number of blonde kittens. She was taken from there to the deeply-cushioned and bejewelled throne which had been foretold for her.

After three days’ hiding under the bed in a right royal snit she consented at last to mount the throne. She accepted Dougal’s service as her Knight Counsellor, and dispenses dispassionate advice to her attendants as required.

Most of her time is spent in contemplation of the Mystic Divine, meditation on the Threefold Path, drinking out of vases (roses only) and working on her tan.