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When Man Goes Away

21 Jan 2013
Posted by dubh_geal

We are always sad when this happens. He starts piling up cloth things and other stuff on our floor. Then out comes the big purple wheeled thing and my sister lies on top of it. She's hoping he'll take her too but I know he won't. So many days ago he left. When he gets into the car he tells us to be good kittens while he's gone and we always are. We don't play with each other but we don't fight and we just sit and wait, mostly. I feel better when he rings me up and I can purr down the phone at him.

Now I Am Four!

16 Oct 2012
Posted by dubh_geal

I have just ahd a birthday and lots of people sent me happy birthday wishes on my Facebook page. If you would like to follow me there, my names is Dubh Geal. Man says this means black and white in the language of the Scottish Highlands which is called Gaidhlig. (pronounced Garlic, like the stuff they put in their food). This is why I'm called Dougal, because Dubh Geal is pronounced Dougal.

Finches and Sparrows

10 Jul 2012
Posted by dubh_geal

Man has of late been putting bird seed in the top bit of the bird bath. I am a little confused by this but I suppose it makes sense. After all, the birds live here too and there isn't much for them to eat in the middle of winter. I expect this is just to tide them through until spring.


31 May 2012
Posted by dubh_geal

I am so sleepy! I have been saving up my really thick fluffy which Man left for me out the front. I've seen him looking at it and wondering why I'm not on it, but I've been saving it up for the long winter Dark. It's so warm that after a few minuets you feel almost hot no matter how cold the air is. I've been on it for a few days now and it's just wonderful.

Purring and Shadow

21 May 2012
Posted by dubh_geal

Hello this is Dougal