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Can David bring Dougal's Diary and When We Were Kittens to our event?

Posted by Karen

Man would love to attend your Year of Reading Event, school gathering or club, preferably if it's in Melbourne and or nearby rural Victoria!  (As much as he'd love to pack up and head for Upper Kumbukta West, there are regular duties at the Seddon Found Cats’ Home which must be attended to daily so we can't always guarantee that he can go a long way away!)  Having said that, if you and enough of your friends tell us why you'd love to see Man at your event, and you spin a really really good story, we'll really try to figure out a way of ensuring that Dougal's munchies bowl is filled right up so Man can travel a little further from Home.

Dougal would love to come too, but alas, car travel and Dougal don't get on well together, and besides, who else is going to guard his sisters from the perils of Other Cats, Crows and Wattle Birds!  But he will make sure that you get a personal message, delivered by Man, and he does make sure that lots of copies of his books are autographed ready for you.

If you and your friends would like to see Man, please let us know.  Tell us what your event is, and when it is on, as well as why you'd like to see Man and get some of your friends to respond as well.  If lots of you ask for the same event, then Man will definitely try to get there to see you all. 

Mums and Dads, Leaders and Organisers - please don't panic.  We'll make sure that we get in touch with you to ensure that firstly it's okay for Man to attend, and if so, how we go about organising everything!


We need your email address so we an let you know if Man can come to your event, and so that we can find out how we arrange it!

Spin us a story - tell us why you'd like Man to come to your event

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