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From Chloe (10 Years old)

Posted by Karen

Dougal’s Diary is about a kitten that tries to be a good cat for his humans but his little sister Shadow doesn’t make it easy.

I loved the book from the start and it was very humorous. I would also like to read it again. I, for one, would recommend other children my age to read this book and hope they would like it just as much as I did. Dougal’s Diary kept me interested the whole time. It was also very hard to put it down because I liked it so much.

The purpose of the story is to definitely entertain people and also see a cat’s point of view.  On every couple of pages there would be a picture of a cat which would be Dougal or Shadow. The pictures are sketched and go well with the book. The cover of Dougal’s Diary looks just like a realistic old diary but with paw prints.

I personally adored Dougal’s Diary and it is a very interesting book.

I hope there will be a whole series on Dougal & Shadow.

Chloe - 10 years old.