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Fanclub Membership

Posted by Karen

Thank you for your interest in the Dougal FanClub.

Of course it's only fair that a black and white cat of such extreme refinement has a fanclub (it seems sad that we can only have one!), but today, fanclub, tomorrow, Seddon Domination!

The fanclub benefits are going to be actively expanded, including:

  • A welcome discount coupon that will give you a discount off purchases of Dougal's books.
  • Futher discounts and early release purchase options for merchandise and future books
  • First notification of events and special occasions with Man and Dougal.
  • Chat forums and site options that will allow you to talk to Dougal, Shadow, Belladonna and other fans of Dougal.

And... well we're still building ideas in the background!

Joining Dougal's fanclub is FREE, and we promise we won't be giving your email address to any other third parties!