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Hello from Olivia and Bluebell

27 Apr 2012
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Hello from Olivia and Bluebell

Hello Dougal
My Name is Olivia and I am 4-3/4 years old (my Daddy is typing this for me as I don't spell very well yet). Daddy also worked out how to upload a picture of Bluebell who is only a baby, but she's already way smarter than me (and Daddy). Thank you for writing your Diary book, I really liked the drawings of the kittens in it. Daddy says I can have your second book as well as they are very good books for little girls. One day I want to be able to read them for myself. Do you have a lead when you go for your walks? Bluebell cries and drags her tummy when we put her lead on.
Lots of cuddles from Olivia

dubh_geal's picture

Hello Olivia and Bluebell! Glad you enjoyed my diary. It all ended happily and that's what all books should do I think. The second book also ends happily even though there are sad bits., But that's what life is like: there are sad bits (like when Man went away for a long time) but it all ends happily and you feel better than ever (he came home and hugged us a lot).

I have to say that I'm sure Man told that journalist that we DON'T walk on leads! She must have misunderstood him! Man has never even tried to put a lead on me. I don't think he would dare. I don't like it when they comb me but I'll put up with it because I know what it's for and it will make me feel better. But I saw him twice putting a harness and lead on my little sister and she did what Bluebell did. SHe just lay down on the footpath on her side and refused to move. I agree totally. Leads are for dogs!

But I have to say that if you're going to take Bluebell for walks without a lead, it is dangerous. We've had some scary moments with cars and you will have to be very careful. My sister and I are both good with cars now but most cats are very scared of them and might do silly things when cars come. How old is Bluebell? And is she a sensible cat? I would be very sad if anything bad happened to her, so pelase be careful.

Best wishes to you both.

Love Dougal

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