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Hi Dougal

19 Apr 2012
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LouLou's picture
Hi Dougal

I am so thrilled you have a second book out. I loved your first one. Loooking forward to your new adventures. love LouLou

dubh_geal's picture

Thanks Loulou

It's cold and wet today so we are just staring at the rain. It's somehow very relaxing because I have my warm winter coat on, plus my winter beard. My sister is snuggled up to The Big Warm. Hope you like the book.

Fishy paws and snuggles!


dubh_geal's picture

Thank you! It was a lovely launch and we all had a lot of fun. Or so Man tells me: I'm a bit shy and don't handle that many people well, btu Man told me all about it and I was very touched. Hope you enjoy the book. Best hugs, fishy paws and snuggles


Kazz's picture

Can't wait for the book launch on Saturday!

The Sun Bookshop in Yarraville - Saturday 21st April at 11.00am.

More info:

Please RSVP to the shop directly.

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