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PanchonCisco saying hi

20 Apr 2012
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PanchonCisco saying hi

Hi, Dougal! Karen fixed it so we can talk to mew after all. Or anyway, it didn't work for us but it worked for her. That's why they make humans, I guess, to fix things we cats are simply too busy for. Anyway, congratmewlations on your new website and we are looking furward to reading "When We Were Kittens." Cisco and Pancho

dubh_geal's picture

Hello Pancho and Cisco. Your copy is winging tis way to Port T even as we speak, so you should be able to get your human to read it to you. The launch was wonderful and there were many many humans there, also singing, (very short) speeches, lots of eating and drinking AND merrymaking. *PUURRRRR* to you all Love Dougal

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