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When Man Goes Away

21 Jan 2013
Posted by dubh_geal

We are always sad when this happens. He starts piling up cloth things and other stuff on our floor. Then out comes the big purple wheeled thing and my sister lies on top of it. She's hoping he'll take her too but I know he won't. So many days ago he left. When he gets into the car he tells us to be good kittens while he's gone and we always are. We don't play with each other but we don't fight and we just sit and wait, mostly. I feel better when he rings me up and I can purr down the phone at him. It's good to hear his voice calling my name and that means he hasn't forgotten me. Yesterday he rang us again and my sister and I waited out the front. Then his car drew up and there he was. I washed myself vigorously and he stroked me. Shadow just sat up on the desk on the veranda and waited for Man to notice her and he did and went to stroke her too.

It was so good to have hium home. We kept looking into the Food Room to see if he was still there and he always was. This was wonderful. Actually, when i say we are good cats, this isn't quite true. We have been tormenting Loud Dog up the street by displaying ourselves and rubbing against his gate. He coems out and barks at us until his human comes out to see what's happening. By then we've hidden ouselves and the human goes away. Then we start it all over again. I'm sure it's very naughty of us, but we were bored and we had to do something to keep ourselves amused. Now he's back we will leave Loud Dog alone for a while, I think.