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Dougal's Diary

Dougal's Diary cover

After some traumatic early life experiences, Dougal the black-and-white kitten falls on his paws into a loving home with two kind humans. 
Dougal decides to repay his humans’ kindness by trying to be a Good Cat at all times. 
But when you have a little sister like Shadow, being good isn’t as easy as it should be; because Shadow is an alley-cat who eats his food and loves rummaging in bins and stealing from neighbours’ barbecues.
And, although they don’t know it, the kind humans are not in charge in this house. That role goes to the imperious old cat Belladonna, who does not take kindly to newcomers in her space.
Dougal and Shadow’s new home also has a large resident family of wattle-birds, and a supporting cast of neighbouring cats with agendas of their own; so the kittens must learn their place in the pecking order. 

Dougal’s diplomatic skills will be tested to their limit as he tries to make sense of human and feline psychology.

You can buy Dougal's Diary from all good bookstores or online from Clan Destine Press in paperback or as an ebook

What Dougal's Readers think ...

Dougal's Diary is a very nice book about a very nice cat who looks after the girls in his household (even though girls are really annoying). I know how very hard it is to be Good when you have a little sister (I've got two of them and they are a real trial so I know exactly how Dougal feels!). I hope he has a very happy life and that he figures out how to get on and off the roof and out of the trees. I'd like it if he would write another book about how you do that as I can't seem to even get close to climbing and there's this crow that lives in a tree outside the front door that I'd really like to surprise one day. Review by Clancy the Australian Terrier (11 years and 1 month old)

...I loved reading about Dougal and Shadow and Belladonna and their humans, and got some good insights into feline psychology. Playing with toys is a private thing, and is mostly done when humans can't see, for example; explains a lot! Gorgeous book, all the more so since I have met the humans involved and may someday meet the cats.  Zoe on Goodreads

Very easy to read and an interesting take on life through a cat's eyes.  Dawn on Goodreads

Dougal's Diary is a nice little book written by a boy cat.... which means it wouldn't be as nice as a nice little book written by a girl cat... like me. Lady Penelope Puss

I really liked Dougal's Diary as it gave me lots of ideas on how to climb trees. I'm looking forward to the next book. We cute black and white boy cats have to stick together after all!   Guinness, 8 month old boy kitty.

I am an unashamed cataholic so this book was always going to tickle my fancy.  What surprised me, however, was how insightful David Greagg is and how well he interpreted what Dougal dictated (cat’s can’t type because they lack thumbs, you see).  I love some of the terminology like “Man tapping on the picture box” and “jingly things” that open doors.  I particularly identified with the scene when little sister Shadow goes missing and Dougal leads Man to her – my cat did exactly the same thing when she had something to show me.  Although a children’s book essentially, it’s an enjoyable read no matter how old you are and if you’re not fond of cats, then let me tell you – read this book and you’ll come to love them too.  - Rose M

Overall I would certainly recommend this book for readers aged about eight and up, and as a good family book that younger children will enjoy listening to.  Kirsten:

Mum said we should say what we though about the books. They are lovely books and Dougal is a very nice cat, although it is a bit sad that the girl cats are mostly snooty or naughty. Our girl cat, Esmeralda Pussy Princess (Anna named her it's a bit wet) isn't naughty and she is only snooty when you wake her up. She is pretty brave and very good at chasing rats, although she is a bit scared of our sheep which Dad thinks is probably not a bad thing. The books really made us understand that our cat is thinking about us, just like we think about her all the time.

Dougal’s Diary is about a kitten that tries to be a good cat for his humans but his little sister Shadow doesn’t make it easy.

I loved the book from the start and it was very humorous. I would also like to read it again. I, for one, would recommend other children my age to read this book and hope they would like it just as much as I did. Dougal’s Diary kept me interested the whole time. It was also very hard to put it down because I liked it so much.

The purpose of the story is to definitely entertain people and also see a cat’s point of view.  On every couple of pages there would be a picture of a cat which would be Dougal or Shadow. The pictures are sketched and go well with the book. The cover of Dougal’s Diary looks just like a realistic old diary but with paw prints.

I personally adored Dougal’s Diary and it is a very interesting book.

I hope there will be a whole series on Dougal & Shadow.

Chloe - 10 years old.

Dougal is an ordinary cat, living an ordinary life as a household pet. His diary tells the story of his life, beginning as a newborn kitten and ending as a happy household cat. Along the way he has several visits to the pound and shares adventures with fellow adoptee Shadow. You discover what Dougal thinks of all the things that happen to him and exactly how he sees the people and other creatures he interacts with.

I think this is a very good book. I love how the cats don’t play when human are around, and then play for hours when they are gone. It’s interesting to read how cats describe man-made machines, but it can be confusing to begin, whilst you work out what they are talking about. However, I really enjoyed reading how a cat might see things and how they feel. I recommend this book to animal lovers and people who likes to read different viewpoints.

    — Madelyn, age 12

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