Finches and Sparrows

Posted by dubh_geal

Man has of late been putting bird seed in the top bit of the bird bath. I am a little confused by this but I suppose it makes sense. After all, the birds live here too and there isn't much for them to eat in the middle of winter. I expect this is just to tide them through until spring.

What I can say is that the silver eye finches think it's wonderful. I sometimes watch them at dawn. They all gather around and eat the tiny little seeds. There are so many of them that we have to have two sittings of finches. They eat the smallest seeds, but they throw the other big seeds onto the ground where we suddenly have all these sparrows. I haven't seen so many sparrows before but word has got round and they eat until they look like small feathery balloons. Eventually they all give up because they've had enough and some of the bigger birds come and clean up. It is very sweet really. I just watch. I don't attak them because Man doesn't want me to and they clearly live here.

The really sweet thing I've noticed lately is that as soon as Man puts the seed out at dusk, all the birds have gone to bed except one. He gives this long, loud signal as soon as the seed is there. I don't speak Bird but I think what he is saying is this. Breakfast Is Served So Be Up Early!