Now I Am Four!

Posted by dubh_geal

I have just ahd a birthday and lots of people sent me happy birthday wishes on my Facebook page. If you would like to follow me there, my names is Dubh Geal. Man says this means black and white in the language of the Scottish Highlands which is called Gaidhlig. (pronounced Garlic, like the stuff they put in their food). This is why I'm called Dougal, because Dubh Geal is pronounced Dougal.

Life is good again. I had a trying wnter with the cold. I don't feel it but my sister does and it meant she never wanted to go far on our walks. Also she's been sitting on my fluffy and my chair and my sentry box and being really difficult. Now it's gettng warmer she seems to love me again and we're having wonderful walks again. Last night we went to the big park which smells of Small Human and we played around there and came home a new way with lots of new hosues and doormats. We are getting on well again and my sister has been snuggling Man a lot. I don't mind at all. If it means she stops being so intrusive onto My Things and My Places then she's welcome to snuggle him all she likes.

I think it's sibling rivalry, btu I don't want to play. I do like Chasey and Ambush though and we're doing a lot of that. *PURRRRR*

May your birthdays be a fun as mine is.